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3 Simple Tricks to Keeping a Cleaner Home

Posted On : February 9, 2015 | By : Top Cleaning Services


Even if you make use of cleaning services Vancouver, it is always a good idea to abide by certain rules and simple routines that make your daily living a bit cleaner. After all, it’s impossible to have a cleaning service come through every single day (barring extreme wealth, of course). As a result, you need to do what you can to make your home a little easier to live in between cleaning sessions.

The challenge with keeping a cleaner home is that a lot of the tips and methods involve actually hunkering down and cleaning something yourself. If you’re going to that effort, however, why not see it through yourself entirely? Instead, what you need are tips and changes you can make that require very little effort and definitely no concerted cleaning on your part.

Below, you’ll find 3 simple (promise!) tricks that will make your home a cleaner place, without the need of cleaning services Vancouver to be on daily standby.

1) Use products to keep appliances clean.

One of the side effects of making daily use of your kitchen is that the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge can get quite dirty. Not only do they get dirty, but a lot of the dirt builds up, or is otherwise difficult to clean. (We’ve all sighed at the prospect of unloading a fridge to get to a spill).

You can line the bottom of an oven with an oven liner, which will take the brunt of any spills and mishaps. You can clean these oven liners in the dishwasher and reuse them, making them a better option than letting the oven itself take the spills and require cleaning.

For the dishwasher, you can run it on an empty cycle with a bleach mixture every week that will keep it significantly cleaner on an ongoing basis.

Fridges, on the other hand, can be equipped with nifty little plastic liners that don’t reduce how much room you have while also making it a breeze to clean. If you take care to partition them accurately, you can make it a matter of unloading one small part of a fridge as opposed to the whole thing when a mishap occurs.

Lastly, you can save yourself a splattered microwave by simply using a microwave cover over your plates and containers when heating food.

2) Use a cut-up lemon to deodorize your garbage disposal.

This one is a good tip, mainly because many cleaning services Vancouver don’t deal with the garbage disposal. To ensure that you’re not stuck with a foul scent, regularly toss a cut-up lemon into the garbage disposal, following it up with some salt and ice cubes. The lemon will serve well in getting rid of the smell, while the salt and ice cubes will clear away the debris causing the foul scent to begin with.

3) Clean up as you live.

Before you panic, this tip isn’t to have a soapy rag by your side every minute of the day. Instead, keep watch on things around the house. Are there dirty plates migrating around the house where they don’t belong? Dirty clothes and garbage? If the answer is yes, chances are you also clean it up in one big effort every week or so. Rather than doing this, why not just clean things up as they get dirty? It takes little effort and prevents dirty things from festering and becoming one big job to clean up. It may not seem likely, but dirty plates and laundry can promote bacterial growth, insect infestation, and a permeating foul scent throughout the home.  Cleaning services Vancouver can take care of these problems for you, but do you really want to wait until cleaning day to deal with them?

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