Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning/Maintenance

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning/Maintenance

Top Cleaning brings to use some of the best and highly advanced carpet cleaning techniques that ensure good health and hygiene in home as well as office. Your carpets need regular maintenance and need to be cleaned with high quality cleansing agents to ensure a safe and hygienic breathing ground for the children and other inhabitants of the house.

Many people believe that they can use a vacuum cleaner; however, it is not very efficient to thoroughly clean the carpet. It does not remove the odor, stain or bring new life to your carpets. A professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company, Top Cleaning is equipped with the best cleaning machines that help to remove oil, contaminants, and mud easily that is practically not possible for vacuum cleaners that can only remove dirt and dust from carpets. We use steam cleaning methods that do not cause any respiratory trouble for you such as asthma and other allergies.

STAIN REMOVAL:The most important requirement of hiring a carpet cleaning expert in Vancouver is to remove difficult stains from the carpet. Carpet and upholstery cleaning experts use the professional techniques to treat the stains and remove them completely from the carpet. If one can approach a carpet cleaning company in good time and much early then it is easier to remove the stains. Top Cleaning can also work on old stains in order to remove their appearance from the carpets. We try our level best to bring our experience work in your favor.

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING:We are upholstery cleaning specialists as well that takes good care of the fabric covered walls, mattresses, furniture etc. Sofa covers, dining chairs, fabric and other forms of upholstered furniture are restored and cleaned thoroughly with the help of our latest techniques. We ensure that your home is a healthier and more hygienic place to stay in.Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning/Maintenance

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