Floor Waxing Vancouver

First Class Floor Waxing

There are different high traffic areas in an office that need regular maintenance to keep up its professional look. The accumulating dirt and dust can form a permanent layer on the floor and spoil its appearance with every passing day. There can also be unsafe scratches formed on the floor surface. One can avail the services of Top Cleaning, a reputed floor stripping and waxing service provider. It not only cleans your floors but also brings back the shine to it and makes it look as good as new. Regular and preventative floor cleaning help in keeping the floors clean for a very long and also sustain their quality for years to come.

First Class Floor WaxingFloor WaxingWe offer first class floor cleaning services for all floor surfaces including:

  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic
  • Tile
  • Cement
  • Terra cotta
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • No Wax Floors

Top Cleaning is well-versed with maintaining different types of floors and surfaces of different places such as busy apartments, corporate lobbies, hotel lobbies, building foyers, cafeterias and other high traffic places. We cater to the biggest and smallest of businesses to help them shine with a shining floors. We bring to use the best of cleaning methods and techniques that guarantee the best of janitorial services at all times. We make use of the best floor waxes and supplies that keep the beautiful appearance of your floor alive.

High-speed polishingWe make use of high-speed floor polishing machines that give it a thorough professional shine.

Waxing and sealingWe use the best of waxing products to protect the floors and buff them.

Honing This service helps in getting rid of scratches from different floor materials such as marble and stone and brings the shine back.

GrindingThis service is used to get rid of epoxy, adhesive, scratches and other coatings from the floor surface. Industrial grinding machines help to level the surfaces easily. Top Cleaning brings the best of technicians and facilities to clean the floors like a professional.

Floor WaxingWe offer comprehensive floor cleaning and waxing solution encompassing floor buffing, stripping, sealing, waxing and refinishing services for different floor types such as linoleum, vinyl, hardwood and natural stone floors. These floor types are among the most durable varieties used; however, they require time-to-time maintenance and preservation also. Our technicians perform the top class services for the different types of floor cleaning and waxing services.

Floor Waxing Vancouver

Vinyl and Hardwood Floor Stripping, Refinishing and Sealing

To maintain the shine and lustre of vinyl and linoleum floors, it is important that they are maintained properly. Yellow discoloration and wax build-up constantly degrades the look of the floor. The addition of scratches degrades its quality further and we require expert services for vinyl floor stripping. One can avail first class floor waxing services from Top Cleaning. We can easily remove the old sealers used for flooring and reseal using new quality sealers to have the beautiful shine back. This maintenance job helps in extending the life of your floor by a great extent and keeps their shine alive.

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning, Sealing, Diamond zing, Crystallizing and RestorationTop Cleaning offers a highly professional natural stone floor cleaning services along with sealing, diamondizing, crystallizing services. Whether you have terrazzo, granite, marble, slate, limestone or other natural stone used for your homes and offices, we grind and hone them to help them become new and attractive. We also make every possible effort to remove lippage, etches and scratches from the natural stone. We also try our best to restore the floor surface as best as we can so that no job is left unfinished and the floors have the best sealers to avoid the penetration of water, dirt and oil.

Top Cleaning – Your Floor Cleaning, Waxing and Sealing Expert!We offer free estimates that help you prepare a budget for your floor cleaning and waxing needs. You can contact us today to get more information on our services or give us a call at 778-565-6000 to resolve your queries and also give your suggestions.

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